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Workshop: Personal roadmap to UX design

Never feel lost on your learning path

Don't learn alone

Learning alone is extremely tedious and is statistically less effective than learning in groups *source. Get direct support from Inès and your peers.


Have a roadmap

We don’t just add on-demand videos, contributing to information overload. We engage with you directly. Participate in various live formats for a more effective learning experience.


Get constant feedback

You can ask unlimited questions to the community and Inès, as well as post feedback requests about your designs at any time. We are happy to support you!

Your mentor

Community mentor

Hi, I am Inès, a founder of the u×berg school and your exclusive lead at the UX community. Here are few facts about me:

  • 15 years in UX design with a proven work record.
  • Full-time principal UX designer at Zalando.
  • 70+ students taught in this school.
  • Hired 40+ designers in tech companies.
  • Instagram content creator with 40K+ follower base.
  • I have taught UX for more than 7 years before I founded my own school in Behance Portfolio Review, EpicSkills, Skillshare and others.

Live events, workshops and portfolio reviews

Every month we have a live event for our community members. Live classes alternate with portfolio reviews and practical workshops.

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Live class

Month 2

Portfolio reviews

Month 3

Practical workshop

Month 4

CV reviews

Month 4



Exclusive podcast

Yes, you hear it! Get an exclusive podcast episode on a chosen topic from Inès herself and listen to it in our mobile app as you go,

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Why your personas fail
The art of small talks on job interviews
My 2 biggest career failures that turned out to be a success

Unlimited Q&As

Never feel lost in your development. Simply ask us what to do next and advance in your career much faster than others.

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Vast self-learning resources

Gain access to the insider knowledge that Inès possesses as a UX designer with 15 years of experience. If you need a recommendation, just ask in the chat!

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UX Bootcamp comparison
Free self-learning UX resouces
AI tools for UX designers
Step-by-step roadmap for UX designers
Best Youtube videos on UX design
UX instagram influencers
Portfolio checklist
Case study checklist

Design reviews

Elevate the quality of your designs by posting them to the community for assessments from Inès and your peers.

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Stay up-to-date with weekly exclusive UX digest

Every week you will receive your piece of valuable and in-depth UX information to advance in your career.

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Be a part of something bigger


Ramp up your UX knowledge with on-demand courses you can access anytime in the club.

Live in July.

Design challenges
with feedback

Take part in monthly UI challenges and receive feedback.

Live in June.

Fireside chats with guests

Listen to other UX professionals on various topics with quarterly gatherings and Q&As.

Live in August.


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